25 Sep 2023 – Release Notes


Azure DevOps – Epic Work Item Integration

In one of the recent releases, we introduced a new Azure DevOps integration. We’ve improved it by adding a seamless connection with the epic work item. We now build complete reports by considering the worklogs and changelogs made in the epics. This enhancement allows for more accurate reporting of work related to epics in your Azure DevOps environment.

Learn more about Azure DevOps integration…

Bug Fixes

Billed to customer’ Issue Fixed

Previously, there was an error when attempting to save a “0” value in the billed to customer field. This issue prevented the calculations from considering this value, leading to incorrect billing adjustments. With this bug fix, you can now accurately input and calculate billing values, even when set to “0”.

Follow the steps to check the fix:

  1. Go to Margin Reports → Project Profits
  2. In Margin By Project, click on the Expected Income of any project
  3. In the detailed report, add “0” for the employee
  4. Save the changes
25 Sep 2023 - Release Notes