Sprint 68 Release Notes (07.08.2023)

[Financial Reports] View the status of project invoices

An additional Invoice Status column has been added to the Margin by Project report.

By clicking on the “pencil” in this column, you can select one of the statuses for the project:
– Draft
– Confirmed
– Sent
– Overdue
– Paid
– Void

The statuses do not affect anything for now, but they will affect reports in the future. Only stakeholders are able to change the statuses for now.

Internal projects have no status concept and cannot be set in any way.

Sprint 68 Release Notes (07.08.2023)

[Recent Activities] New data source icons

In Project Report → Activity Feed, different icons are displayed for different types of sources, I.e. if the data was received from Github, the Github icon is displayed.

Currently, the icons of Jira, GitLab, GitHub, Bitbucket, and SOW are processed by Enji.

Sprint 68 Release Notes (07.08.2023)

Ability to specify ‘Billed to Customer’ and ‘Expected Income’

On the Project Profits → Margin by Project page, it is now possible to specify billed to the customer and expected income.

  1. If you click “Expected income” for a project, a detailed breakdown of each employee’s income by hours is displayed on a separate page.
Sprint 68 Release Notes (07.08.2023)

2. Billed to customer can be added for employees individually. You need to click on the “pencil” and a window for editing will open.

Sprint 68 Release Notes (07.08.2023)

3. Expected Income can be edited by clicking the “pencil” icon next to the project name.

Sprint 68 Release Notes (07.08.2023)

[Statistics] Current day is highlighted and marked as “Today”

In Home -> Statistics, today is highlighted in a different color.

Sprint 68 Release Notes (07.08.2023)

[Contribution] Current day is now highlighted

In Project Report → Contribution, the present day is highlighted differently.

Sprint 68 Release Notes (07.08.2023)

New hints for the ‘Subscribe’ and ‘Get Updates’ buttons

Added tooltips for the “Subscribe” and “Get Updates” buttons in the Financial Information mailing (Activity Feed of the Project Report) and SoW Planning’s Bench mailing. The tooltips provide information on the timing of email delivery.

Sprint 68 Release Notes (07.08.2023)
Sprint 68 Release Notes (07.08.2023)

[Employee settings] New hint for the ‘Date of Dismissal’ field

Sprint 68 Release Notes (07.08.2023)

[SoW Planning] Fixed the ‘Seniority’ filter

Sprint 68 Release Notes (07.08.2023)

[Standup Reminders] Correct inheritance of standup reminders settings

If the ‘Reminder Limit’ field in the individual settings is empty, it takes the value from the project settings.

Reminder limit – the number of reminders about the standup deadline.

Sprint 68 Release Notes (07.08.2023)


  • [Authorization] On the authorization page, when trying to log in with an invalid 8 character password, we see an endless loading animation
  • [Worklog Report] User Worklogs are not displayed on the frontend
  • [Slack] When trying to add Slack, we get an error Something went wrong when authorizing this app.
  • [Financial Reports] On the Margin by project page, when clicking the Freeze button, a TypeError: Cannot read error occurs.
  • [Financial Reports] A 500 error occurs when opening a Consolidated report
  • [Financial Reports] User with role DM+Margin report, Project Profits: Margin by Project when viewing Expected income
  • [Accounts] Messenger Accounts cannot be re-added if the user was deleted before
  • [Reports] ProjectionLimited filter synchronization deletes selected options
  • [BACKLOG] Backlog_parser dag parser does not work.
  • [Standup bots] Not synchronizing the status of the “disable from standups” button in the bot and personal account in Slack