Sprint 69 Release Notes (21.08.2023)

New Features

Custom Branding Control

We’re excited to introduce the enhanced capability to replace the company logo and company name within Enji.ai. This empowers you to align the platform’s identity with your brand vision.

To learn how to seamlessly update your company logo and name, please follow the step-by-step instructions outlined in our detailed manual.

Sprint 69 Release Notes (21.08.2023)

Enhanced Subscription Capability for ‘Customer’ Role

Users with ‘Customer’ role now have the capability to subscribe to the Monetary Report. Users who subscribe will receive weekly updates on the financial status and project costs.
To subscribe for weekly emails:
1. Go to Project Report -> Activity Feed
2. Press “Subscribe”

Sprint 69 Release Notes (21.08.2023)

Improved Scheduling for Daily/Weekly report

We’ve optimized the Daily/Weekly Report dag, switching its frequency from every 10 minutes to once per hour. This change minimizes resource usage while maintaining efficiency.
Users can now select report arrival times in hourly intervals only between 00:00:00-23:00:00, ensuring a straightforward and consistent experience:

Sprint 69 Release Notes (21.08.2023)

Set business goals right from the UI

“Add Goals” button to the Business Goals tab within the project report. This feature enhancement is aimed at streamlining your goal-setting process:

Sprint 69 Release Notes (21.08.2023)


Improved Frontend Loading Time

Users were experiencing extended loading times on the user interface. We’ve optimized the loading process, resulting in faster and more responsive user interfaces.

White Screen After Production Update

Some users encountered a white screen after performing a production update. This problem has been resolved, ensuring a seamless transition after updates.

Widget Design Enhancement

We’ve elevated the design of each widget within the “Code” tab. Here’s an overview of the changes you’ll notice in the tab:

Sprint 69 Release Notes (21.08.2023)

[Admin panel -> PM Site] Seamless Integration of Task Management Links

Previously, adding a link to the task management system with a slash (/) caused integration issues with Enji. Enji now automatically trims the trailing slash, ensuring smooth integration with the system.

Sprint 69 Release Notes (21.08.2023)

Improved Week Day Visibility in Contribution Chart

It wasn’t immediately apparent which days were weekdays. Now weekdays are distinctly highlighted in the chart.

Sprint 69 Release Notes (21.08.2023)


We’ve addressed a number of bugs and issues in this release to improve the overall stability and user experience. Here are some of the key bug fixes:

  • [Margin by Project] Incorrect Expected Income in Detailed Report:
    Previously, the expected income in the detailed report was not updating correctly when changes were made to billed amounts for all employees. This issue has been fixed, ensuring that the expected income reflects accurate billing changes for all employees in the report.
  • [Margin by Project] Incorrect Link to Expected Income Detail Report:
    There was a problem with the link that opened the details of the Expected Income for each project. This issue has been corrected, and now the link to the report directs users to the appropriate information.
  • [Margin by Project] Missing ‘Margin’ Column:
    The Margin column was missing in the “Margin by Project” table. This column has now been reinstated, providing comprehensive project margin information.
  • [Margin Settings] Decimal Values for Expected Income and Billed Amounts:
    Manual entry of expected income and billed amounts was not allowing fractional numbers. This limitation has been addressed, and you can now enter and save fractional values accurately.
  • [Invoice Hours -> Worklog Report] Worklog Report Filter Issue:
    The “Invoice Hours – Worklog Report” was encountering difficulties when filtering by people. This issue has been resolved, and the filter now works as expected.
  • [Project Report -> Code] Error when Sorting Contributors in Code Tab:
    On the project page, in the Code tab, attempting to sort records by contributors was triggering an error (UMASelectError: Not found state in None). This error has been fixed, allowing you to sort records without issues.
  • [Admin panel -> Project] Project Creation Error in Admin Panel
    Users encountered the error “UMACrudSaveError: ‘NoneType'” when attempting to create a new project. It has been successfully resolved.
  • [Project report -> Activity Feed] Recent Activities Display Issue:
    Entries were displayed as brackets with content such as {“tms”: “jira”, “message”: “”}, resulting in a broken appearance. It has now been fixed and become easy to comprehend.
  • [Telegram bot] User recognition:
    A bug prevented the bot from detecting users after creating a record linking them to Telegram.
  • [PM Site] Missing source types
    When creating or editing an entry on the Project Management Sites page in the admin panel, the Source Type field did not display ClickUp or Manual Upload. Now it’s fixed.