Sprint 71 Release Notes (18.09.2023)

New Improvements

Automatic “Paid” Status for Past Invoices

A few weeks ago, we introduced the Invoice Status feature (see details). However, the introduction of this feature did not automatically set any status for reports created before its launch.

We are rolling out an enhancement that will automatically set the status of all invoices created prior to the introduction of this feature to Paid.

Sprint 71 Release Notes (18.09.2023)

Adding New PM Sites in the Board Creation/Edit Window

We’ve made it even easier to manage your boards! With this enhancement, you can now seamlessly add new PM Sites directly from the Board Creation/Edit window.

This enhancement solves the inconvenience of a multi-step process when creating a new task management board. Previously, users had to register the PM Site separately before adding a new board. Now, they can add a new PM Site directly from the board creation/editing modal, simplifying the workflow and saving time.

Here is the new workflow:

  1. In Project Settings → PM Tools → Add Board, you will now see a new addition – a “+” button next to the PM Site field:

Sprint 71 Release Notes (18.09.2023)

2. When you click this “+” button, a modal window will appear, allowing you to create a new PM Site:

Sprint 71 Release Notes (18.09.2023)

After successfully adding a new PM Site, you’ll notice that the list in the PM Site field is automatically updated. This ensures that your newly created PM Site is instantly available for selection within the list

Bug Fixes

Fixed excessive indents in the following reports:

  • Labor Costs
  • Costs & Margin with Details
  • Consolidated Report
  • Invoice Hours
  • Worklog Report
  • SoW: Plan / Fact