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Online Money Transfer GOAL

Maintain profitable margins

Enji shows who is bringing the company money.

Money Box GOAL

Budget effectively

Enji discloses the projects generating the most profit.

Change Icon GOAL

Transparent processes

Enji reveals where software investments are going.

Efficient Remote GOAL

Efficient remote and hybrid software development

Enji displays developer progress and notes.

Performance Driven GOAL


Enji identifies high-performing employees.

Improve communication GOAL

Improve communication in remote teams

Enji gathers data on all aspects of a project.

A correctly formed problem
is 80% of its solution

If management can see the most important processes within a software engineering company
in real time, decision-makers can “catch” problems at the right moment and create the right solutions.

Our two values

1 Transparency in processes

Creating visibility for top management and stakeholders.

2 Data-driven performance

Real-time highlights of weak and strong points to improve and develop.

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