30 April 2024 – Release Notes


This new functionality gathers data from all work logs and stand-ups of a project, processes it using OpenAI, and provides a concise and clear summary for the day or week. The Summarization widget can be found on the Project -> Project Dashboard page. You can also configure the Daily/Weekly template and specify the working days when the summary should be generated.

30 April 2024 – Release Notes

Project Activity

The Project Activity widget can be found on the Project -> Project Dashboard page. It provides an overview of the state of processes and the efficiency of the project team’s work over the last 30 days (excluding the current day and weekends).

30 April 2024 – Release Notes

It highlights:

  • Days logged: This shows the percentage of hours already logged out of the total hours the team should work according to the Project SOW.
  • Passed Standups: Indicates the percentage of stand-ups submitted.


This is a new functionality, currently in its MVP stage and still under development. However, you can already indicate when you will be absent (e.g., vacation, day off, sick leave) and see when your colleagues will be absent.

30 April 2024 – Release Notes

Fixes and Enhancements

  • Fixed menu buttons. You can now open pages in a new tab through the menu panel.
  • Fixed the Redirect URL that the user is directed to after successfully adding the Slack Bot to a project.
  • It is now not possible to add a user to the project’s SOW without specifying their Role.
  • Fixed an error on the Employee Costs page when using the search by Project name or Billed to customer.
  • Added a Start date field to the edit project card in the Scope of Work.