20 Feb 2024 – Release Notes

Improvements and fixes:

  • Separated Airflow from the backend!
  • Removed soft-delete!
  • As part of the upcoming Enji redesign, the Home and My Profile pages have been preliminarily merged. Now you can see all that content on one page.
  • Fixed the display of Telegram User links on the Colleagues page.
  • Resolved an error when opening User Accounts in the Project Edit card.
  • Corrected the improper display of the Home page when navigating from the Colleagues page.
  • Previously, when parsing from Azure DevOps, the PR author was automatically marked as a Contributor on the Project->Code tab. These concepts are separate, and only those who are not the PR author and have left comments on the PR and PR code will be listed as Contributors.
  • Due to the addition of a new service to the Enji infrastructure, concerns about possible table name conflicts in different databases (collector db, enji-auth db) arose. To avoid this, pointers to the table source were added: enji-db, auth-db, license-db.
  • We improved UX by changing the Add New/Edit icons on the Margin Report -> Expected Income page.
  • Added validation for the correct format of the meta.toml file. If there are errors in the format, users will now see a clear error message.
  • Fixed the functioning of filters in Margin Reports: Project Profits / Employee Profits. Now, selecting values in the filter updates the data in the URL accordingly.
  • On the Project -> Code page, the PR author from GitHub was not identified and displayed as Unknown. This is now fixed.
  • Comments to GitLab PRs were not parsed after passing through the GitVerse dag. This has been fixed.
  • Restored the functionality of filters in the Overall Report after applying sorting.
  • Previously, data on PRs made in Bitbucket was not displayed in the Project -> Code -> Cycle Time and Pull Requests Lifetime widgets. This is now fixed.
  • Fixed links in Project -> Code -> Work In Progress. Now, the link opens the PR, not the code page.
  • Eliminated duplication of users for Azure DevOps pull requests and commits. Each workspace will have only one user for pull requests and commits.
  • Added an error message for login through Google Auth without a pre-created auth account in Admin Panel -> User Role Management -> People.