27 Feb 2024 – Release Notes

Improvements and fixes:

  • To avoid misleading users, the “Disable from standups” button has been renamed to “Enable standups.” Additionally, a tooltip has been added to explain how this button functions. “Enable standups” is enabled by default. If turned off, the user’s status will switch to Day-Off, and they won’t be tagged in alerts.
  • Updated tab names and tooltips on the “1 to 1 Mentorship” page for better clarity on the purpose of each section.
  • On the Project Report → Actions page, changed the button name from “Parse Jira/Backlog” to “Fetch missing worklogs” and updated the tooltip text. It is now clear that the button works not only with Jira but also with other integrations (Jira, Backlog, Azure DevOps).
  • Fixed the alert reminding about the standup submission deadline.
  • Fixed issues related to the “sending_alert” DAG.