16 Jan 2024 – Release Notes

Telegram bot fix

Telegram Bot no longer resends yesterday’s activity if you add a reaction or edit your Standup.

16 Jan 2024 - Release Notes

GSuite DAG fix

The GSuite DAG works now. It automatically creates Enji user accounts when a new corporate mail is added.

16 Jan 2024 - Release Notes

Azure DevOps integration improvement

Azure DevOps user email parsing is handled properly now. If a user commits to different repositories of one project the commit records will be assigned to one user in the Edit Project -> User Accounts section.

16 Jan 2024 - Release Notes

Manual User Matching Improvement

If you go to Edit Project -> User Accounts -> Employee Name, in the drop-down list you will see only users who work on this project even though those users have several Source Code Management accounts on that server.

16 Jan 2024 - Release Notes

DAG optimization

Enji team optimized the backend task processing functionality by removing outdated DAGs. As a result task processing works faster now!

GitVerse DAG Fix

GitVerse DAG no longer affects binding of Enji and bitbucket accounts.

16 Jan 2024 - Release Notes