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Agile Metrics

Agile metrics enhance team productivity, facilitating the timely identification and resolution of issues. Some include velocity, burn-down charts, lead time, cycle time, and customer satisfaction.


Agile Metrics

Agile metrics enhance team productivity, facilitating the timely identification and resolution of issues. Some include velocity, burn-down charts, lead time, cycle time, and customer satisfaction.


T&M Scope of Work

With Enji, you can easily manage the allocation of engineers to projects and track their workload. You can see which of your engineers are busy and which are free and schedule projects accordingly.

You can also receive notifications when an engineer completes a project or is released for new projects.


Bugs Statistic

Bug statistics encompass bug severity, resolution time, and fix costs, helping development teams make informed decisions to boost software quality.


Repository Metrics

Repo metrics are useful when assessing how fast the code is reviewed and integrated into the codebase.

They consist of metrics such as pull request lifecycle, work-in-progress (WIP) PRs, cycle time, and distribution by size.


Debt Analysis

Reveals the costs of fixing poorly built software systems by tracking code complexity and technical debt.


Team Focus

Provides insights on your team’s recent area of focus: developing new features, reducing technical debt, or fixing bugs. Use this metric to effectively balance and manage diverse priorities.


SPACE Framework

Gives recommendations for software quality improvement based on the assessment of Security, Performance, Accessibility, Compatibility, and Efficiency.


DORA Framework

Helps to improve software development and delivery practices. The framework is based on 4 metrics: deployment frequency, lead time for changes, change failure rate, and mean time to restore.


Test Coverage

Detects your system’s potential bugs or “weak“ spots by providing test coverage information.



Tracks how much business value your team is bringing through data-driven analysis.


Sprint Report

A Scrum sprint report summarizes a team’s progress and achievements during a sprint.



Using Artificial Intelligence and the Bot, Enji makes it easy to customize workflow for improved team collaboration

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Work Logs

Gain insights into how the team’s time was allocated and the specific tasks or activities it was dedicated to.


360 Review and

A 360 review aids employees in understanding their strengths and weaknesses while aligning their goals with the organization’s vision and values. Automated 1-1s empower employees to request meetings with managers at any time and assist managers in keeping notes for better preparation in future meetings.


The bot notifies the team of any process or repository issues, enabling prompt adjustments and proactive problem-solving.


Skill Matrix
for Growth

Assess your team’s professional skills on individual level, and learn current proficiency trends and track growth over time.


Projects Health Score

The metric assists project managers in identifying and addressing issues that impact the project’s performance and outcomes.


Daily check-ins gather team updates on yesterday’s accomplishments, today’s plans, and any blockers or impediments requiring assistance. They save time, minimize interruptions, and accommodate diverse time zones and work schedules.


Financial Insights

Understand the real cost of developing new features and fixing bugs, and evaluate project profits.


AI Growth Analysis

Evaluate an engineer’s code and approach to work over a period of 6-12 months, identifying their professional growth or stagnation.


AI Burn-down Predictor

Learn potential employee burnout in early stages based on the analysis of their activities in code, tasks, worklogs, and check-ins.


Identify the most suitable team member for a given task based on their knowledge, skills, and experience.


Social Network Analysis

View the employee’s social interactions and details with whom and how often they engage. Knowing those who tend to communicate less, helps in recognizing whether they may require support.

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