Alert: Daily/Weekly report

To run a report, it’s essential to have a project set up with team members actively contributing data to the project.

This feature is designed to provide regular insights for the team, management, and project stakeholders, detailing the time spent yesterday or over the past week.

How it works

The report format is standardized for Slack, Chatwork, and Telegram:

Alert: Daily/Weekly report
Alert: Daily/Weekly report
Alert: Daily/Weekly report

Every day, at a specified time, a report is sent, listing the number of hours spent, commits made to repositories by the team, and the count of alerts recorded.

If there’s any deviation for an individual, the Enji Bot tags the employee.

When the bot tags:

  • A team member logged fewer hours than planned for yesterday.
  • A team member has no commit activities from yesterday.
  • A team member didn’t submit a stand-up report for the previous day.

Configuring the Report

  1. Open Project settings -> Project Alerts.
  2. In Business Days, select the days.
  3. Find Daily/Weekly Report in the list.
  4. Enable it, choose the channel for delivery, and set the time.
  5. Save.