How to Add a New Employee

To get into the system, a user needs two things:

– An Employee card

– An account in the authentication service (auth account)

The Employee card is linked to the auth account, and access is created for the user.

Creating an Employee Card

Only HR, DM, and MC roles can add employees to the system.

1. Create a user in the Admin panel → Employee

   – Fill in First name, Last name

   – Specify Staff in Hiring Type

   – Add the email the user will use to log into the system

2. Add the user to a project

Set up the auth account

1. Open Admin panel → User Role Management → People

2. Click on ➕, and fill in the fields for the new user:

   – In User email, enter the user’s email from the Employee card (see above)

   – In Role, specify the user’s role in the system. (Note: the basic role should always be Employee)

   – [Optional] Use the Set Password button to set a password and share it with the user. If no password is set, the user can log in through Sign in with Google and create a password through Account Settings.

After creating accounts and assigning roles, go to and log in.