How to Connect JIRA Board

Adding a board from JIRA (referred to as a JIRA Project in JIRA terminology) plays a crucial role in building project reports. By connecting the task-tracking system, Enji receives regular updates in the form of new worklogs in tasks, status changes, etc.

In this article, we’ll go through how to add a board from JIRA to Enji.

Adding a board can be done after adding a PM site where the board is located – Adding PM Site

If the site is already added to the Enji database, there is no need to create it again.

How to Add a JIRA Board:

1. In the Project Report, open the desired project.

2. In the top right corner, click on Actions → Project settings.

3. Go to the PM Tools tab.

4. Click on the +.

5. Fill in the fields:

  • PM Site → Choose the relevant JIRA from the drop-down list.
  • Project Key → Enter the project indicator/key, e.g., COL, PC, TEST.
  • Username → Insert your username from the JIRA account.
  • Token → For Cloud JIRA, use the API Token. For Server/Datacenter JIRA, use the account password.
    **To generate a token, you need to go to the page, create a token, and copy it.
  • Is active → Check the box.
  • Auth-type → Choose the authentication type: For Cloud JIRA, use basic-type. For Server/Datacenter JIRA, use session_type.

6. Save

How to Connect JIRA Board
Пример заполненной карточки

Parser processes run every hour at 00 minutes, parsing data from the board into Enji.

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