Understanding Comments and 1-1 Logs

How They Work

You’ll find the Comments and 1-1 Logs tabs on the user page.

Understanding Comments and 1-1 Logs

Users can leave comments on their profile or a colleague’s profile. The author of a comment can see their comments on their profile and on the profiles of colleagues where they left a comment.

You have the option to delete your own comments.

You can also obtain a link to available comments. Clicking on a comment link will automatically scroll the table to the desired comment if it’s available.

Understanding Comments and 1-1 Logs

Access Policy

The user can only see their own comments in their profile.

CTO, HR, DM, and Stakeholder roles can see comments from other users on their colleagues’ profiles.

PM can view comments and 1-1 logs only from employees participating in their projects (check under Project -> Edit Project -> SOW).

Logs for all people from your projects can be reviewed in the Admin Panel -> Comments.

Understanding Comments and 1-1 Logs