12 Dec 2023 – Release Notes

Improved User Visibility and Matching

We’re excited to share some improvements to the User Accounts page in this release:

The Project Settings –> User Accounts page now showcases all users, matched and unmatched. Easily filter between matched and unmatched accounts with the new Status filter.

12 Dec 2023 - Release Notes

Match accounts within your teams for precise identification in Enji and complete data retrieval.

How to Match Accounts:

  1. Access Project Settings -> User Accounts:
  2. Identify unmatched accounts using the Status filter.
  3. Assign unmatched Jira/Git accounts to employees registered in Enji

Introducing Yearly Filtering for Enhanced Insights

In this update to Project Profits –> Overall Report, we’ve added a dynamic year filter, allowing you to choose one or more specific years or opt for a comprehensive view of Selected Years or All Years.

12 Dec 2023 - Release Notes
  • Selected Years -> Shows the total values of the selected years
  • All Years -> Show the total values for all the years from the filter

This feature enhances your ability to organize data according to the years you need, facilitating a more focused understanding of project profits. For instance, you can apply filters for 2023 and 2021 simultaneously to tailor the report to your convenience.