17 Oct 2023 – Release Notes

New Features

1. Integration with MS Teams: Daily Check-In Bot

We are thrilled to introduce our latest integration with Microsoft Teams, featuring the Daily Check-In Bot. This integration enhances your team’s collaboration and productivity by allowing you to perform the following:

Submit Daily Check-Ins

Now, you can easily submit your daily check-ins (standups) directly through the Enji.ai Bot in Microsoft Teams. The Bot prompts you to answer three essential questions:

  • What did I do yesterday?
  • What am I planning to do today?
  • Are there any problems or blockers hindering my work?
17 Oct 2023 - Release Notes

This seamless integration ensures you and your team stay aligned and informed, enhancing daily communication.

Reminders for Check-In Deadlines

The MS Teams Bot now keeps you on track by sending timely reminders about the daily check-in submission deadline. If your team’s check-ins are due before 12 pm, the Bot will notify those who are running late and those who still need to submit their check-ins.

17 Oct 2023 - Release Notes

Say goodbye to missed deadlines and communication gaps!

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Close Notifications with a Click

With this release, we’ve introduced a convenient feature that allows you to close notifications with a simple click.

17 Oct 2023 - Release Notes

Now, notifications on the right side of your screen can be easily dismissed, offering you a seamless and distraction-free experience.

Current Month Display in Margin by Project

When you load the Margin by Project report for the first time, it will now display data for the current month. For example, if it’s October, the report will show data for October, even if there’s no data available for that month.

Meanwhile, other margin reports continue to show the last month with available data.

Fixed Alerts for Telegram Bot

In this release, we’ve addressed an issue with the Telegram Bot. Previously, several alerts were not functioning as intended. We’ve resolved two of them:

  • Notify About Hanging Merge Requests in the Repository
  • Notify If a Team Member Has Exceeded the Daily Hours Limit
17 Oct 2023 - Release Notes

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With these fixes, the Telegram Bot now delivers accurate and timely alerts, helping you stay on top of your workflows and team activities.