30 Nov 2023 – Release Notes


Enhanced Azure DevOps Integration

Enji encountered difficulties retrieving user emails in the self-hosted Azure DevOps environment, leading to challenges in matching Azure DevOps users to corresponding employees in Enji. This issue resulted in data loss and incomplete project and financial reports.

To address this issue, we have introduced processing for the preferred email field specifically for self-hosted Azure DevOps instances. This improvement ensures that users are accurately matched based on their preferred email addresses.

Bug Fixes

Azure DevOps: Parsing Task Data

In previous versions, an error occurred when the project name did not match the project_key, and the parser mistakenly used the project name instead of the project_key. This led to discrepancies in data processing.

We have rectified this issue by consistently utilizing the project_key throughout the parsing process. Even when project names and project_key differ, our parser correctly identifies and processes the data using the designated project_key.

Azure DevOps: Errors in checking deleted issues in numerous boards at once

Previously, Enji encountered errors when checking for deleted data in scenarios involving numerous boards within Azure DevOps, primarily stemming from large datasets. Addressing this, we have implemented a refined restriction mechanism. Now, during API checks for remote tasks, Enji exclusively focuses on the project at hand, significantly improving efficiency and mitigating errors associated with extensive data, ensuring a smoother experience for users navigating complex Azure DevOps environments.