31 Oct 2023 – Release Notes

Bug Fixes

Margin by Project Page: Invoice Hours Filter

Resolved an issue where applying the Invoice Hours filter on the Margin by Project page resulted in a reset of values upon page refresh.

31 Oct 2023 - Release Notes

After this fix, the selected value in `Invoice Hours` persists after refreshing the page or clicking a link.

Admin Panel: Employee Stack

We enabled the HR role to add a new stack on the Employee Stack page within the admin panel.

31 Oct 2023 - Release Notes

Previously, HR did not possess this authority; however, with this update, HR can now add a new stack, improving its administrative functionalities.

Invoice Hours Page: File Download Error

Resolved an issue where users encountered an error message (“Error downloading the file, please contact your administrator”) while attempting to download a file on the Invoice Hours page.

Users can now successfully download files without encountering the previous error message.

31 Oct 2023 - Release Notes

Telegram Bot: Alerts for Managers

Previously, only one manager per project was receiving alerts regarding workflow issues. It has been resolved, ensuring that all project managers receive alerts as intended.

Telegram Bot: Monthly Workload Limit Alert

Addressed an issue where alerts were not being triggered when a team member exceeded the monthly workload limit. This fix ensures that appropriate notifications are now generated when a team member surpasses the set monthly workload limit.

31 Oct 2023 - Release Notes