5 Dec 2023 – Release Notes

New Features

Report Bugs Using Version Display in Enji!

In this update, we’ve added a feature that allows users to check the version of Enji components they’re using easily. This quick access to version information improves error reporting, helping Enji developers identify and resolve bugs faster.

Next time, when you face a bug, do the following:

  1. Navigate to the company name on the Left
  2. Click on the version icon
  3. Retrieve component version numbers
  4. Submit bug report with version details

5 Dec 2023 - Release Notes
Navigating the version display

Thanks for your continued support in making Enji better!

Improved Jira Integration

If you find missing Jira task activity in project reports, consider matching the employees with their Jira user accounts in project settings. This ensures you access the full set of information.

5 Dec 2023 - Release Notes
Matching Enji users with their Jira Accounts

How to match the employee with their Jira account:

  1. Open Project Settings -> User Accounts tab.
  2. Select a person, and in the Full Name column, hold an empty cell.
  3. After 1-2 seconds, a window will open, displaying a list of employees.
  4. By selecting an employee from the list, you can successfully match the person to the Jira account.


Algorithm Update for Contribution Calendar Figures

In Project Report –> Activity Feed –> Contribution chart, we’ve improved the chart display to be more visually appealing when handling large values. We’ve set size limits and restricted the number of displayed figures.

5 Dec 2023 - Release Notes

When hovering over a figure on the calendar, the tooltip now displays the sum of values for all similar figures.

Edit field values in Expected Income

Users can now seamlessly edit individual rates and dates in Project Profits -> Margin by Project by clicking the Expected Income by person.

5 Dec 2023 - Release Notes
Field values are now clickable

The billing Rate Not Set label is now also clickable, opening a modal to set billing rates and dates for employees within the project, mirroring admin panel.

5 Dec 2023 - Release Notes
Edit billing rates without having to go to the admin panel