7 Nov 2023 – Release Notes


Avatars Displayed in Contribution Chart

In the Contribution section, avatars of employees who left an activity are now added for clearer identification:

7 Nov 2023 - Release Notes

Avatars of employees who were active and participated in daily activities are now visible in the Day Details section.

7 Nov 2023 - Release Notes

This enhancement offers a visual representation of employee participation and activity engagement in both Contribution and Daily Details within the Activity Feed.

Bug Fixes:

[Slack Bot] Standup Submission for Users with Multiple Slack Accounts

Users with two Slack accounts experienced errors when submitting standups via Enji.ai bot’s direct messages. We fixed the handling of conflicting tokens from multiple accounts and users encountering issues can delete their inactive Slack account via the admin panel under ‘Chat Tools’ -> ‘Chat Users.’

[Azure Devops] Synchronization of Deleted Worklogs in Enji

Previously, hours tracked in Azure DevOps remained in Enji even after the associated task was deleted from Azure DevOps. Now, worklogs linked to deleted tasks from Azure DevOps are also removed from the Enji Environment.