Sprint 70 Release Notes (Part 1, 28.08.2023)


Text list is replaced with avatars

We’ve enhanced the convenience and informativeness of the project management information. Here’s what’s new in regards to this:

  • We now display avatars representing project managers instead of the previous plain list format.
  • When you hover over an avatar, you’ll see the people’s names and their specific roles in the project.
  • We now display a convenient stack of avatars in projects involving multiple managers.
Sprint 70 Release Notes (Part 1, 28.08.2023)

Affected Tables:

  1. Home Page – My Projects Widget
  2. Project Report – List of Projects
  3. Admin Panel – List of Projects


[Activity Feed Tab → Get Updates] Error in Get Updates button

Users were encountering an issue where clicking on the “Get Updates” button triggered a problematic error message displaying “<!doctype html>”. We’ve resolved this issue, and the button functions as expected, providing users with the latest project updates without errors.

[SoW Planning → Bench Mailing] Runtime error in the mailing

Users attempting to use the bench mailing feature were experiencing a runtime error indicating “RuntimeError: Working outside of request context”. We’ve eliminated this error, allowing users to request the company’s bench info.