Sprint 71 Release Notes (07.09.2023)

New Features

Integration with Azure DevOps

We are excited to introduce Enji’s latest update, which seamlessly integrates with Azure DevOps, a popular project management and version control system widely used in the software development industry. This integration enhances Enji’s capabilities, enabling you to access comprehensive team performance reports based on available activity within your Azure DevOps projects.

What’s Included in This Release:

  1. PM Tool Server for Azure DevOps: You can now effortlessly add the PM Tool Site for Azure DevOps within Enji.
  2. Project Integration: Easily add your project boards from Azure DevOps to Enji, allowing for streamlined reporting on issue activities.
  3. Data Updates: Enji will automatically update data from Azure DevOps once an hour, ensuring you always have the latest information.

To get started with the Azure DevOps integration, please refer to the instruction provided:

Bug Fixes

[Bitbucket] Error in Parsing Data from Bitbucket Repo

In this release, we’ve addressed a previous issue where Enji encountered problems when connecting to existing, active Bitbucket repositories. The problem occurred when trying to get all the data from the date of initial connection to the date the repository was created, resulting in errors and incomplete data.

With this update, Enji now efficiently stores and retrieves data from your Bitbucket repository starting from its creation date. This ensures accurate and complete activity reports.