Employee Costs

This page is located in the Admin Area -> Margin and is used to adjust Net Cost and load Billed To Customer.

Employee Costs

Name: Employee’s name.

Net Cost: The cost of the employee to the company.

  • Entries are created monthly using the bulk Upload feature. If you manually create a record and then upload a file in bulk, the manually created record will be overwritten.
  • Not project-specific – an employee can have only one net cost regardless of the project.
  • Displayed in 3 reports – Margin by Project, Margin by Employee, Costs&Margin with Details

Billing Period: The month to which the net cost corresponds.

Comments: Additional comments.

Project Name: The project where Billed To Customer is loaded for the employee.

Billed To Customer: Adjusted amount in the project for the employee.

  • Optional to upload.
  • If not uploaded, it is calculated using its own formula.
  • Used in the report – Margin by Employee.
  • Multiple Billed to Customer entries for different projects can be added simultaneously for the reporting period, and they will be summarized in the Margin by Employee report.