Alerts and How to Configure Them

Alerts for work logs and statuses operate when parsing a Project Tracking Board (ex. JIRA), so it’s necessary to have a board parsing enabled.

To parse work logs, add a Project Board to Enji.

Alerts for commits and merge requests work when parsing Repositories (ex. Gitlab, Github, Bitbucket).

To parse, add a Project Repository to Enji.

Setting up Alerts for a Project/Employee

  1. Go to the admin panel.
  2. Open the project card.
  3. Access “Project Alerts” (for an individual, configure in “Individual Alerts”).
  4. Choose the days of the week and the time for sending alerts.
  5. Enable the desired alerts.
  6. Save.
Alerts and How to Configure Them

Individual alert settings override project settings.

Alerting is based on data from the last 24 hours after activation.

Enji Alerts